Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott | Arsenal & England Wonderkid


The manager of Arsenal, Arsene Wenger, has hailed Theo Walcott for his brilliant form in the recent times and has said that he wants the English striker to keep playing for the Gunners for many more years. Wenger also said that the contract disputes between Walcott and Arsenal management have almost been sorted out and Walcott is set to sign a new deal.

When asked about Walcott’s brilliant form in recent times, Wenger said, “He has been in great nick of late. He is one of those guys who don’t get affected by the issues outside the field. Even when there were contract disputes, I didn’t see any difference in him while training or even during the matches. He just looked fine.”

“Some people can’t play well when they struggle with personal problems. But, Walcott is not one of them. When he goes on to the field, he just puts his personal issues behind and gives his 100%. This is an incredible quality to have.”
“He has matured as a player over the years. If he had been in the same scenario three years back, he might have reacted differently. But, now, he has got more composed. Even on the field, you can notice that. He doesn’t get carried away now and remains calm most of the time.”

“But, I think he still has to work on a few aspects of his game and he has got enough time to do that. He is only 23 years of age and many players begin their career at this age. If he keeps working hard, he can become one of the greats in the game.”

When asked if the contract issues with Walcott have been sorted out, Wenger said, “Yes, the dispute has almost been resolved. It has been carrying on since quite a while, but, things are going in the right direction now and hopefully, Walcott would sign a new contract pretty soon.”