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Theo Walcott | Arsenal & England Wonderkid

Walcott wants to score more

England and Arsenal winger Theo Walcott has stated that he wants to reach the target of 10 goals before Christmas.

He said that this would not only be a wonderful achievement for him but also will ensure that he gets a coffee machine as a gift from his wife.

It appears that Walcott’s wife has promised to give him a coffee machine if he managed to score 10 goals before this Christmas.

Theo Walcott said that he is happy with his goals this season and that he is looking to score more goals in the coming games. He believes that he has made a fantastic start to the current campaign and he wants to keep going until the end of the season.

He said that injuries had disrupted his recent seasons and he feels now that he has fully recovered and can make a significant contribution to the club.

He believes all the Arsenal players are motivated and that they are looking to mount a serious push for the title. He said that there is a great team spirit in the team and that they are looking forward to the December games that can make or break their season.

Theo Walcott said that there is a great understanding between Sanchez, Ozil and himself up front and he believes that the attack will become better as the season goes by. He believes that Giroud is another great asset to the team and he brings a physical presence in the team, especially against the more defensive sides.

He said that this season is quite competitive with five or six clubs able to challenge for the title. He believes that the team that is the more consistent throughout the season will win the title and it is important that they keep winning matches.