Theo Walcott

Theo Walcott | Arsenal & England Wonderkid


Many international sports are becoming popular across the globe. Citizens of other countries are becoming avid followers of the game. One game that seems to have a large global appeal is football. There are numerous organized football leagues all over the world. Perhaps the most successful one of these to be exported is the English Premier League. More than 200 countries are able to watch the sport live. These foreign TV rights bring in additional revenue for the Premier League which is almost £500 million annually.

Australia is one nation that has many Premier League fans. Many of these fans have their favourite football clubs. Perhaps they are big fans of United or die hard Burnley enthusiasts. Overall, a vast majority of Australians follow the four major clubs of the Premier League. These would include Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. The overwhelming majority seem to back Manchester United with Liverpool fans being a close second. Some of the fan base in Australia has been encourage by seeing Aussie Tim Cahill participate in the Premier League.

Whatever the team, many Australians follow the game. There is a time difference between England and Australia. Australia of course is hours ahead of England. Therefore, many Australians must record the matches rather than watch them live. However, many night owls will stay up watching the events live. Also, Premier League Football is popular in sports pubs across Australia. Also, fantasy leagues based on the EPL are popular in Australia.

One of Australia’s sports channels carries all of the English Premier Games live. Also, they permit viewers to switch between as many as five games on one channel. Australia’s number one sport continues to be Aussie Rules football. However, many Aussies do enjoy following the Premier League which remains popular. In fact, some people follow both sports.