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Walcott apologizes to fans

Arsenal forward Theo Walcott has apologized to the fans for the team performance against Crystal Palace.

He said that he understands the fans reactions and that the players are definitely disappointed with the way they perform in this game.

He stated that the team was simply not good enough on the day and that Crystal Palace deserves to win the game. He said that the Palace players showed more desire and determination and this is why they won the match.

Theo Walcott said that the players are disappointed with the results after being on a good run and they now fear that they have fallen again in the backward spiral.

The England international said that he understands the fans and that they have the rights to be unhappy. He said that the team had a glorious opportunity to get closer to the fourth position and unfortunately they squandered the opportunity.

He said that this had happened too often this season and this is why they are in this situation. He stated that it is an awkward position to be in as he feels that there is enough quality in the team to win games, but unfortunately, this is not working for them at the moment.

Theo Walcott said that the players have let the team down and let the manager down and he feels that this is something that needs to change.

When asked whether it is the uncertainty about the manager that is affecting the players, he said that the players do not think about that when they are on the pitch. He believes that is due to a lack of confidence and that the players need to recover quickly if they want to end the season positively.

He said that time is running out when it comes to qualifying for the Champions League.