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Theo Walcott makes history in Arsenal after scoring his 100th goal

Theo Walcott is a player that is consistently critiqued for many reasons.

Ongoing injuries and inconsistent performances are the major things that many people do not believe that Walcott deserves to be in Arsenal.

Arsene Wenger has also received some backlash as the French manager has had the chance to sell Theo Walcott for a significantly high price tag but Wenger has opted to not sell him.

Despite everything that Walcott has gone through in terms of getting injured and not receiving the full support and backing from Arsenal fans, the English player is still a first-team player and he has recently accomplished a feat that not many players have ever achieved.

During Arsenal’s FA Cup match against Sutton United, Theo Walcott scored the 2nd and last goal of the match which helped his team in securing a 2-0 triumph. This goal was the 100th that Theo Walcott has scored in his career as an Arsenal player.

Walcott is the 18th Gunner that has ever managed to reach the 100 goal mark with the English club and after reaching this historic feat, the 27 year old player said:

“It’s great. I'm lost for words to be fair because I didn't really think about it before and it's just happened. It'll probably hit me in a few days I'm sure, but I really enjoyed that. I'm really proud of that personal achievement of mine.”

For a player that has been so divisive among the fan-base of Arsenal, this is a huge achievement for Theo Walcott and maybe he can use this as something that can help propel him to stardom and score more goals at a consistent basis as well as avoid his string of injuries that Walcott has traditionally been suffering.