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Petr Cech has announced his Retirement to be soon

In some more surprising and even shocking news, the Arsenal famous goalkeeper Petr Cech has announced that he may be considering retirement in the near future.

What does this mean for the future of Arsenal and what is next in the career of Petr Cech? Some speculate that he could be retiring as early as immediately after the 2016 Euro.

Cech first signed to the Czech team in 2002. During 2004, Cech helped his team reach the 2004 semi-final and he was named the most valuable goalkeeper during the tournament. In 2007, Cech had received eight different football awards of the year at this point. While he hasn't officially set anything in stone, Cech has stated that immediately after the Euro 2016 event, he could be retiring and it would be his last official appearance in the international scene.

So why would Petr Cech even have the idea of retirement or be considering it in the first place when he's such a key player? One of the main reasons can be found on his official website, where he stated that he was thirty-four years old and it was time to consider retirement. While others may disagree, the goalkeeper started asking himself that if fourteen years was enough to be a worthwhile career and to move on with life?

Cech feels he's had a very successful career and that this chapter of his life could potentially be over due to how much time was spent and him not getting any younger. No one but Cech knows for sure ultimately if he's going to quit after Euro 2016 but it seem that the goalkeeper is very well aiming towards retirement based on his quotes alone. There doesn't seem to be too much trouble in reaching a decision through his mind. So, what's next for Petr Cech? Possibly a coaching or a board position?