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Theo Walcott | Arsenal & England Wonderkid

Contract negotiations has started but the future of Theo Walcott is uncertain

Theo Walcott has a contract with Arsenal that expires in 2016 and negotiations concerning how long he will stay at the Premier League have started. On January of 2006, Walcott completed his move from Southampton to Arsenal and ever since then he has been performing at the Emirates Stadium where he has made over 200 appearances for the Premier League club.

Even after having stayed such a long time at Arsenal and even with the large amount of appearances that Theo Walcott has made, it still feels like the player has not managed to fully establish himself at the Premier League club as fans are divided in relation if they want to see Walcott remain for another season or simply offload him and cut down the wages of the club as the player is earning around £100,000 per week.

A salary of £100,000 each week is pretty high for a player who has been injured for the majority of the season and even now that he is fully recovered, he still isn’t a regular starter for Arsene Wenger.

The French manager Arsene Wenger has had a lot of patience as he still believes that Walcott is a player who has a bright future ahead of him and despite all of the injuries that he has suffered, Walcott has received contract extension in every season.

Arsene Wenger voiced his support to Walcott as the veteran manager said: “He is only young and I believe he will have a great goal-scoring record in the future because of the quality and intelligence of his game. Therefore I want him to stay with our club,” said Wenger last week.

At 26, Walcott is reaching an age that is considered to be the peak of every footballer as it’s generally the period of time where players perform better than ever but after everything that has happened with Walcott is he truly worth all the trouble that Arsene Wenger has gone through to keep him at the Emirates Stadium?